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Nicole Love Hendrickson is dedicated to making sure that Gwinnett County government protects our health and safety. She has over two decades of experience working with all of the communities here in Gwinnett, and as the Community Outreach Director founded the Gwinnett 101 program. Nicole knows how important government is in our lives and how important voting is! As Gwinnett County Commission Chair, she will always fight for your safety and prosperity.

COVID-19 has impacted every part of our lives including how we vote! But thankfully we can vote by mail, the safest way to have your voice heard. Below is some information from Nicole to help you get your ballot cast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voting

Have You Received Your Application to Vote by Mail?

Yes - Great! You just need to fill it out and send it back. Click to view a sample Absentee Ballot Application.

Your information should already be filled in on the form.

Please check it then select which ballot you want (Nicole is on the Democratic ballot) and sign and date.
To mail in, make sure to include postage and send to the address listed.
You can take a picture and email it to [email protected]

Have You Received Your Application to Vote by Mail?

No - The first think you should do is go to the Secretary of State's My Voter page to check the information they have for you on file. Click here for the link.

Enter your first initial, last name, County, and date of birth. Your information should come up. Check to make sure that your address is correct and that your status is listed as active.

If any of the information is wrong, click on the "Change Voter Information" button to update. If your information looks correct, you can download an application for an absentee ballot here.

Be sure to fill out the following information: 
• Date of election (June 9)
• Select which ballot - Nicole Love Hendrickson is on the Democratic ballot
• Name
• Date of Birth
• Address (this should match the info from the My Voter page, but if not and you want to update the record, check the box)
• Sign and date

To send it in, you can:
Mail to 455 Grayson Highway, Suite 200, Lawrenceville GA 30046; or 
Scan and email to [email protected] or
Fax to 678.226.7208

When will I get my ballot?

Ballots are supposed to be mailed starting April 20, but that is subject to change.

If you requested your ballot, you can check your MyVoter page for updates. Let us know if you believe you should have received your ballot by now and have not.

I got my ballot! Now what?

Great! It's time to vote! Ballots will vary based on where in Gwinnett you live. Here's what you need to do:
• Fill out your ballot. Make sure your fill in the ovals cleanly and fully, and don't cross out candidates or circle their names.
• Sign your ballot!
• Once your ballot is filled out, place it in the envelop that came with the ballot. Seal it and fill out all of the information on the envelope.
• Don't forget to sign your envelope!
• Now put on postage and send the ballot in to the address listed.

Important 2020 Voting Dates

May 11

Last day to register to vote for June 9 Primary

May 18

Advance In-Person voting begins

June 9

New date for combined Primaries

August 11

Date for Primary Runoff by state law

November 3

General Election

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