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Thank you for voting for a Healthier, Safer, & More Sustainable Gwinnett!

Thank You! We did it!

I'm Nicole Love Hendrickson.
Chairwoman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners.

Public service is and has always been my passion. I have dedicated my entire career as a social worker serving people, empowering communities, and giving a voice to those who have been historically underrepresented in the decision-making arena. As leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that all citizens thrive. In order to do that, our decisions need to reflect the needs of all of our citizens. As the county's' founding director of the community outreach program, I have experienced first-hand the role citizens can play in promoting good governance. I want to continue building on that success while addressing the challenges that lie ahead. I have a vision for our future and the demonstrated leadership to move us forward.



  • As Chair of the Atlanta Regional Commission's inaugural Local Leaders Housing Action Committee, Nicole led regional conversations on the landscape of housing  affordability across the 11-county region. After the culmination of the County’s first comprehensive housing study, Nicole led the strategic direction for the county to address land use and zoning updates, reducing development barriers around affordability, incentivizing smart growth and development, and preserving  our naturally occurring affordable housing. Nicole knows a responsible data-driven  approach can bring real results.

  • Nicole comes to the table with real solutions. Whether it be new investments in our clean water infrastructure, updates and expansions to our parks and trail systems, or prioritization of funding for mental health programs in conjunction with our local law enforcement, Nicole knows that the Gwinnett Standard is one striving toward a Healthier, Safer, and Sustainable community.

  • One of the bright spots of living in Gwinnett is knowing that our streamlined local government is responsive and careful stewards of our tax dollars. Nicole will continue to ensure a peace of mind that our financial house is in order. With a meaningful track record of success, Nicole has shown herself to be a fiscally responsible leader for Gwinnett.

  • Gwinnett and Georgia’s futures are dependent on moving forward in a climate-conscious and sustainable mindset. Nicole has already championed the hiring of a new Gwinnett Chief Sustainability Office to work directly with every county department on its planning and processes, and she will keep these values front and center in all county decision making. 

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